Opening Above-Ground Pools

Opening Above-Ground Pools

Your Opening is Important

In New England, opening a pool correctly is super important because the winter weather can mess up your pool equipment and structure. If you don't take care of your pool early in the season, it can get all gross with algae and bacteria, making it unsafe to swim. Plus, opening your pool early means you get to use it for a longer time and get more bang for your buck. If you don't do it right, you could end up with a closed pool for way longer than you want, and nobody wants that. So, do yourself a favor and open your pool the right way for a summer full of fun and relaxation.

Opening Above-Ground Pools

Reconnecting Hoses

  1. When you are reconnecting hoses in the spring be sure to connect them in the correct places.
  2. Connect a hose from the bottom of the skimmer to the front of the pump. 
  3. Connect a hose from the top of the pump to the port on the filter that reads “PUMP”. 
  4. Connect a hose from the port on the filter that reads “RETURN” to the return on the pool. 
  5. Connect any chlorinators, heaters, salt cells, or any other parts that may be applicable. 
  6. Double check all hose clamps and ball valves to see if anything may need to be tightened up or replaced
Opening Above-Ground Pools

Pool and System Preparation

  1. Remove the pool cover. Ask us for the best way! 
  2. Re-attach all hoses. Make sure suction/ pressure hoses are attached to the corresponding suction/pressure fittings. If you have a heater or chlorinator now is the time to install those. 
  3. Install the two plugs at the bottom of the pump housing. Install & tighten the drain plug on the filter tank. Apply teflon tape to threads to seal. 
  4. Re-install and tighten all ball valves and their handles. Also, tighten all unions. 

For Sand Filters: Install the sight glass and pressure gauge on the vari-flow valve. Turn valve to filter. Re-attach the backwash hose. 

For Cartridge Filters: Install the pressure gauge and air release valve. Put clean cartridges inside the filter tank. 

For DE Filters:

  1. Fingers: Install the pressure gauge and turn the ball valve to off position. If needed, clean and reinstall fingers. 
  2. Grids: Install the pressure gauge and sight glass. Re-attach backwash hose. If needed, clean and re-install grids. 
  1. If you have an automatic chlorinator or a heater now is the time to hook it up. 
  2. Take the plastic bottle out of the skimmer or remove the skimmer plug. Replace with a basket. If your lines are blown out & capped, be sure to remove the wall plugs. Install return jets and safety suction grate. 
  3. Make sure the water level is about halfway up the skimmer. Fill if necessary.
Opening Above-Ground Pools

Starting Up your Pool

  1. Check the cover o-ring for cracks and lubricate with Magic Lube. Allow the pump to gravity fill with water. If the pump is not full as is, gently turn the pump cover to allow the water to the housing. Tighten the cover.


  1. Once the pump is running, super chlorinate with liquid chlorine (shock) add Hardness Up (Calcium Hardness), Alkalinity Up, and an algaecide to water. Add Clarifier if necessary. 
  2. If the pool is green, run the pool nonstop until the water is clear. If the water is clear, run for a minimum of 8 hours. Test the water and adjust the chemicals accordingly.

Final Checks

  1. Install the ladder. Be sure to place mat for the ladder first. 
  2. Remove leaves and vacuum the pool. If the pool is green and you haven’t seen an improvement after running the filter for 24/48 hours, please bring us a water sample for testing.