Closing In-Ground Pools

Closing In-Ground Pools

Before you start!

Please ensure that the pool is clean and the basic chemicals are balanced properly before closing your pool for the winter. The winter chemicals are used after the pool has been properly balanced.

Pool Prep and Chemical Treatment:

  1. Remove ladders and rails. 
  2. Remove the wedges, clean and oil. 
  3. Store in a suitable place for winter. 
  4. Install diving board cover if necessary. 
  5. If using a mesh cover, the water level should be lowered two inches below the skimmer. 
  6. Super chlorinate with liquid chlorine (shock) and add an algaecide to water. 
  7. If it is a mesh cover, PH+ and stain preventer are recommended. 
  8. Thoroughly mix chemicals into the water.  
  9. Fill water bags if used for holding the cover down. Use pool water through the backwash for the fastest way, or a garden hose.
Closing In-Ground Pools

Pool Shutdown:

  1. Shut pump off. 
  2. Install plastic Gizzmo in the skimmer. An additional plastic bottle in the skimmer will help. 
  3. Store all parts in the skimmer basket for easy location in spring. Keep these parts where they will not freeze. (If applicable)
  • Remove all eyeballs in the return jets.
  • Remove all weir doors in the skimmers. 
  • Remove all safety grids in the suction ports.
  1. Now is when you want to blow the lines if you need to! See below fold for more details.
  2. Install cover:
  • For a safety cover, pull up grommets with an Allen wrench. Work them up and down while running water in them to clean out any dust or dirt. Put on the corners of the pool cover with a LoopLoc bar then work around to the rest of the springs. 
  • For a baggy cover, place water tubes on the cover around the pool to secure the pool cover. Water tubes are recommended to secure cover, they will not damage the pool if they fall in. Rocks, blocks or logs may puncture the liner if used and fall in.
Closing In-Ground Pools

Blowing Out Lines:

* If you have black polymer pipes underground, then you do not have to blow out your lines *

  1. Install Blowout Gizzmo.
  2. Use a shop vacuum or a blower to blow water out of the line through the Gizzmo.
  3. Switch the filter to RECIRCULATE mode.
  4. Now begin by capping the RETURN/WALL SUCTION that is releasing the most air and continue until all wall ports are capped.
  5. Allow the main drain to fully empty of water and close the line before the pump to create an airlock.
  6. Pour a gallon of antifreeze into the Gizzmo and cap.
Closing In-Ground Pools

System Shutdown: 

  1. Store all parts in the pump basket for easy location in spring. Keep these parts in the pump or where they will not freeze. 
  • Remove the TWO plugs on the bottom of pump housing. Store all parts in a skimmer basket for easy location in spring. Keep these parts where they will not freeze. 
  • Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the filter tank. 
  • Remove the pressure gauge on the filter and the site glass if you have a sand filter. 
  1. If you have a control valve on the filter it should be placed in “winterize” or a neutral position. (In between ports) 
  2. For a system with a chlorinator: Remove chlorinator. DO NOT store partially used chlorine tablets indoors or with new/dry tablets. May be used under cover with a floater. Otherwise, keep in a separate sealed container after they have dried out. 
  3. For a system with a salt cell: Check cell for build up or scaling, acid clean if necessary. Leave knuckles loose on the salt cell so water can drain. Leave the cell unplugged. 
  4. For a system with a heater: Disconnect heater and remove drain plug, then blow out the lines with a shop vacuum or a blower.
  5. For a system with a cartridge filter: Cartridges should be cleaned at this time if needed to be ready for spring start up.